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Explore and Discover Your Niche, or Target Audience

Various horse disciplines discover your niche

Why Is Your Niche Important?

Honing in on your target audience is a key factor in the success of your business. By going through this process it allows you to say “Yes” to the opportunities that serve your goals for your business and “No” to those that don’t. It can be tempting, when you first start out, to take every opportunity presented to you – money may be tight, you have a lot of start-up expenses, and you want to get up and running as quickly as possible - but the reality is that saying “No” to opportunities that don’t serve you and your business, and you may not be a good fit for, creates space for you to have the space to say “Yes” to the opportunities that do. 

In addition, every person you say “No” to may become someone who can serve as a referral to work that is more in line with your business as you kindly educate them on exactly what you do and whom you serve. On top of that, you are more likely to encounter prospective customers who truly understand and appreciate the value of the services you provide.

How Do We Define Our Niche? Let’s Give it a Try

In a perfect world, what is the service you provide? 

In my case, I provide tools and support services for horseback riding instructors and horse trainers to build stronger businesses.

List all of the potential customers you could have

Examples on my list include beginner riding instructors, dressage instructors and trainers, reining instructors and trainers, colt starters, and more! Heck, hopefully you.

Of this list, circle any potential customers whom you would absolutely love to work with. 

You can circle more than one but try to refrain from circling everyone – to get to the niche I work with today I started with businesses in the horse industry, ruled out products, decided not to focus on medical and bodywork practitioners, and so on. I can always add these individuals and companies back in as my business and reputation continue to grow. 

Specify Your Niche

Can you make your niche even more specific? 

I focus on horseback riding instructors and horse trainers. I could niche this even more by focusing on barrel racing instructors, dressage trainers, or jumping coaches but at this point the bulk of what I have to share with this community is universal for instructors and trainers irrespective of discipline or focus.

What niche did you discover for your business? Tell me in the comments below. 

In the meantime, Happy Riding!


If you have questions, want help with your business operations, or need help finding resources don’t hesitate to reach out. Little Bird Advising offers business coaching for equine business owners like you!

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